Novel Energy Solutions

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Novel Energy Solutions

If you’re interested in powering your business with the sun, Novel Energy Solutions is your ticket in.

Novel provides its customers with a wide range of options in the solar energy field, from personal solar arrays to a “solar garden” subscription service. Through working with Novel, businesses can reduce their electrical costs by at least 10 percent – and some can entirely power their business through solar energy, eliminating the electric bill entirely.

The Novel team came to us hoping to modernize their image, matching the ultra-modern services they provide to their clients. As a team of fifth-generation farmers, Novel believes in respecting nature and giving people the opportunity to use clean energy.

We worked with Novel from the inside out, building a comprehensive strategy that blossomed into a new messaging, voice, identity refresh, print collateral, signage, and redesign of their website – all the while, building off integral components of their brand that mattered. Our branding process is a collaborative effort, and Novel gave us the tools to successfully refresh – instead of overhaul – their brand. 

For example: the Fibonacci sequence (“golden ratio”) is a frequently occurring pattern in nature. Novel’s original logo predominantly featured the sequence, and the team expressed that they wanted it to remain in our update. The new logo, shown on the left, incorporates their longtime vision and updates their public identity at the same time. 

To top it off, we craft branding guidelines that identify their new brand platforms: down-to-earth, practical and knowledgeable, just like the farmers they serve and are inspired by, to give their marketing team the tools and confidence to maintain the brand’s position moving forward.

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