North House

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North House

Allow us to do the honor of introducing North House, a housing solutions company launched right here in Rochester, MN. When it comes to home buying, selling, remodeling, and new construction, these folks have you covered. The idea of this company sounded just crazy enough for us to give a resounding YES when they asked to team up.

Each brand has a special place in our hearts. North House not only takes that space in our hearts but is built by people who feel like family. White Space was brought in on ground zero of this idea. We have had the pleasure of walking alongside these innovators, thinkers, doers as they took this idea and brought it to life. Cultivating North House’s personality, voice, tone, look, and feel has been invigorating, thought-provoking, and just good fun.

In each step, we pushed the boundaries of tradition because that’s a true reflection of the team behind this brand. North House is a collaboration made up of real estate agents, a land development company, R. Fleming Construction, and an in-house architectural designer. R. Fleming has built a legacy on the notion that service to the client comes before all else. Bringing that ethic, grit, and cowboy mentality into North House has been truly memorable. Thank you for trusting us!

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