Porch 2.0

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Porch Fried Chicken 2.0

We give you…Porch Fried Chicken – where the crispy, savory chicken is made to perfection with locally-sourced ingredients, is marinated for 24 hours, and can be topped with honey butter (also a local treat). Did we mention it’s perfectly juicy?

Porch Fried Chicken has rolled out a new, invigorated look. We have thoroughly enjoyed our continued work with Porch Fried Chicken and we’re not ashamed to say we happily bring our work home with us. As the landscape of dining continues to evolve, Porch Fried Chicken made the decision to modify its service method. Switching to counter service (you order & pay at a counter) was a natural transition and fit the overall goals of the brand – to continue investing in the product. We were able to help revise the “about” statement, menu items, logo, interior, and apparel to better reflect Porch Fried Chicken’s one-of-a-kind feel.

To learn more, visit Porchrochester.com