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Med City Beat

Med City Beat is an independent news source covering government, business and culture in Rochester, Minnesota.

“Four years ago, when I started this site, Med City Beat was a one-man news blog with a Facebook page. I had a cheap laptop, a few hundred followers, and a thirst for finding a 21st century model for delivering the news,” says Sean Baker, Founder of Med City Beat.

Med City Beat has come a long way since then. This was a project that started off without a clear focus for Sean, but over time he has found its purpose — and that’s to promote the belief that there is nothing more powerful than being connected to the community.

So, to reflect this evolution, we teamed up with Med City Beat to create a brand the drove them into the next chapter of their journey. From brand identity redesign, to enhancing communications to members and continued support to ensure Med City Beat’s brand remains true to its vision and values.

We believe in the importance of independent local journalism and we choose to support Med City Beat’s work as both partners and sustaining members. Now, more than ever, we urge you to support Med City Beat or other local journalism, if you are able.