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Bleu Duck Kitchen

First off… Jennifer Becker and Erik Kleven have proven to be masters of the “pandemic pivot.” After restaurants and bars were closed for Covid-19, this duo could have easily sat around and complained – but instead, they decided to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes.

First, it was a food truck. Then it was weekly markets, hosted inside their space. Then, they had the idea of creating gourmet TV dinners… which was the moment they turned to us.

We relied on Audrey’s previous experience with packaging design to create several different packages for Bleu Duck’s extremely popular TV dinner program. When they said they wanted to expand their offerings to the “little ducklings” and start making kid’s meals, we were all for it. When they said they wanted to pilot a weekly “clean eating” program, we jumped on it. 

Now, we’re just one call away – waiting for whatever Jennifer and Erik want to try next. Their practical, hard-working attitude is downright infectious, and we love working with them at every opportunity.

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