About us

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Our boutique brand firm was established in 2011 and is located in Rochester, Minnesota. Our business is built on connection. We connect with our clients to create new or refresh existing brands by engaging with and elevating organizations through positive brand experiences that build loyal followers.

About our Thinking and Work

We believe a brand is all about relationships. We believe in aligning an organization’s values with strategy. We are the curators of concepts, information, technologies and ideas. Through strategy and design, we draw consumers into the story of the brand – connecting the organization and person at a deeper level.

Why White Space

In design speak, “white space” is an important element of design referring to
the practice of creating visual balance allowing an object to exist in proportion so one may see the truly essential image or body of text. We approach branding with a similar strategy. We remove what is not needed and provide simple straightforward language that all can understand. We show up. We focus on you. We clear away the clutter that obstructs the view of your desired outcome.

Our Values







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