Our Process

Working from the inside out.

Our branding process begins by diving into the heart and soul of the company – working from the inside out.  We have spent years developing this process, and although we don’t steer too far from the order of our process, we customize our process to suit your needs.

  • Brand Discovery:
    Understanding & Discovery

    White Space begins every project with a deep dive to explore the current challenges and work closely with you to understand the context of what’s happening within your organization, industry, competitors, and who your stakeholders are, to provide a baseline. Discovery is not just designed to help us understand who you are, but it helps you better know who you are and why you matter.

  • Brand Strategy:
    Articulating & Clarifying

    A strategic roadmap positions and defines your brand.  Articulating your unique culture is one of the most crucial elements of building a lasting brand experience. We work together with your team to define your brand strategy in an immersive workshop format.

  • Brand Messaging:
    Your Story

    Messaging provides a framework for your future brand communication in a way that describes not only what you want to say, but also who you’re saying it to, in what context, and how you are going about it. Branding is about clarity and unity in communication, which is why this step is a key part of our overall process.

  • Brand Identity:
    Your Visual Story

    Each brand identity project begins with the presentation of inspirational mood boards establishing the intended visual direction for the overall look and feel of the brand. The finalized look and feel is instrumental in developing the brand identity. The identities we develop give our clients the foundation they need for delivering holistic brand experience.


  • Brand Experiences:
    Applying & Extending

    Design the brand experience to express the brand visually and verbally. Executing in accordance with the Brand Strategy and Brand Identity, we are able to develop all aspects of your brand’s online and offline touchpoints.

  • Brand Launch:
    Inside-Out Approach

    The launch phase is where the rubber meets the road. The goal of this phase is to ensure a proper, flawless launch of your new brand. This process is designed to be minimally interruptive and to ensure that you are educated on how to use your new brand to ensure a successful and seamless transition.

Start-ups to 100 yr. olds

With each client, our process can be fine tuned to best suit your needs. We are able to pivot and flex to ensure we are on the best path to suit your timeline, budget and overall process of your companies brand development process. 


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